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Stanley Furnishings – Enduring Elegance!

Stanley Furniture Company is known for creating timeless furniture that is practical, beautiful and stays relevant even as your taste and lifestyle changes.

Exceptionally functional and remarkably beautiful, Stanley Home office solutions offer you a profitable combination of style and sensibility.

Designed for the user, Stanley Furniture’s home office components accommodate multiple CPUs, printers and peripherals. Smart, built-in storage solutions eliminate clutter and ensure an efficient workspace.

Did you know…

Solid Wood versus Veneer Wood Construction

The word “solid” as used in the furniture industry may be confusing because both types – solid and veneered – are of solid wood construction.

Solid Wood Furniture

Solid is used to describe furniture with drawer fronts, tops, panels and other like surfaces made completely of wood, or of one piece, without plies of veneer.

Solid wood surfaces are composed of narrow solid wood planks, bonded permanently together, side by side. These planks serve to prevent splitting and warping when temperatures change and when the wood naturally expands and contracts. They also provide decorative variation.

Veneered Wood Furniture

In veneer construction, layers of woods are permanently bonded to a center core on a solid wood frame. Veneering permits matching and repeating grain patterns that are impossible in solid lumber.

Veneering is used in about 80 percent of wood furniture, from the least to the most expensive, because of its strength and added versatility.

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